This year’s competition took place on a nice Sunday afternoon – cloudy & cold.

There were 12 teams entered – 37 scouts in total. A lot more than expected and an excellent turn out. Teams had to give themselves a name – counties were suggested but that didn’t quite work out!

The competition started at 2.00pm with the teams having to visit as many of the 22 controls, as they could in one and a half hours – points were awarded depending on how far away the controls were from Scout base. So some preliminary planning was needed to decide which ones to visit.

The course took in Llandaff fields, Pontcanna fields & Bute Park and if they visited all the controls the scouts would have walked over 8 km!

The winner would be the team that had visited all the controls in the fastest time – with penalties for arriving back late!

The under 12 age group was won by the 1st Radyr China team with 64 points

And the over 12 age group by 29th Finland with 104/106 points – a remarkable achievement!

The scouts enjoyed the event – we will have to look for a new venue if we run the competition again

Results – Max points = 106

Troop Team Name Points scored Position
Under 12
1st Radyr China 64 1
1st Radyr I Dunno 61 2
1st Radyr Chad 57 3
1st Radyr RDW 51 4
1st Llandaff Delter 971 49 5
1st Radyr Lion 16 -11 penalties = 5 6
Over 12
29th Finland 104 1
29th Your local deli 94 2
29th Portugal 92 3
29th B team 69 4
1st Radyr Cardiff 60 5
1st Llandaff Canada 52 6

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