September 2019

Section Meetings

Section meetings to plan the calendar 2019/20 will take place in the next few weeks. Please ensure your section has someone at the meeting:-

Beavers – Tuesday 8th October – 7.45pm – The Hub, Maitland St
Cubs –  Tuesday 8th October – 7.45pm – The Hub, Maitland St
Scouts – Thursday 19th September – 7.30pm – Scoutbase, Pontcanna

Young Leader Training

YL Module A – 8th October at Scoutbase 7.30pm

YL Residential – 9th-10th November at Miskin Mill (Cost £5)

YL Module A – 10th December at Scoutbase 7.30pm

To book you place and for more information youngleaders@cardiffwestscouts.org.uk

OSM for Free

Done forget as part of the you Area membership fee OSM Gold level is free. All you need is to “CardiffOSM” in your account and remove you payment details if you only want Gold. For other levels you will still be charged. You can add the code at anytime.

Explorer Programme

The explorer District Programme for 2019/20 isPen y Fan Night Hike – 5th October (meeting at Scoutbase at 7pm)

Water Activity Day – Spring

Survival Skills Camp at Tudor Cule – end of exams (dependent on uptake of previous two activities)

Please contact explorers@cardiffwestscouts.org.uk

Ely Scout Project

Last term both Scout groups in Ely in Closed. We now looking to to start a project to look to develop Scouting in Ely. The first meeting will take place on Wednesday 23rd October at 44th Scout HQ.

Area Activities

The area has a number of items that maybe of interested

Canoe Slalom-  21st September  http://www.cardiffandvalescouts.org.uk/2019/09/area-scout-canoe-slalom/

Bellboat Competion – 21st September  http://www.cardiffandvalescouts.org.uk/2019/09/bellboat-competition/

SnowSports Introduction for Leaders and Young Leaders – 28th September http://www.cardiffandvalescouts.org.uk/2019/09/cardiff-ski-centre-and-scouts-initiative/

Shooting Competition – 29th September http://www.cardiffandvalescouts.org.uk/2019/09/area-target-shooting-championship/

European Jamboree Interational Service Team http://www.cardiffandvalescouts.org.uk/2019/09/eurojam-2020-2/

Swimming Gala 2020 Date for you Diary Heats 9th February 2020 and Finals 15th March


Module 1 and 3 Training Sessions

Module 1 Oct 10th  or  Nov 6th 7pm at the Hub
Modulde 3 Oct 31st or Nov 14th 7pm at the Hub

Please book you place by emailing DC@CardiffWestScouts.org.ukTraining Calendar


Email Contracts

Gill Irwin District Commissioner dc@cardiffwestscouts.org.uk
Lorriane Davies Beavers beavers@cardiffwestscouts.org.uk
Julian Jordan(Covering) Cubs cubs@cardiffwestscouts.org.uk
Rex Hendrickson Scouts scouts@cardiffwestscouts.org.uk
Dan Ashman Explorers explorers@cardiffwestscouts.org.uk
Phoenix ESU phoenix@cardiffwestscouts.org.uk
Celts ESU celts@cardiffwestscouts.org.uk
Bay Wolves ESU baywolves@cardiffwestscouts.org.uk
Young Leaders ESU youngleaders@cardiffwestscouts.org.uk
Clare Regan Treasurer treasurer@cardiffwestscouts.org.uk

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